пятница, 6 декабря 2013 г.

First developed for internal use by Microsoft, the Web Application Configuration Analyzer security scanner is now freely available for everyone to try. The program is intended for use on web servers. In a few clicks it will scan the server's configuration, looking for common IIS or SQL Server problems, highlighting any security holds it uncovers in a detailed report, and recommending changes. However, the program can also make general Windows recommendations, checking details like the status of your Windows guest account, whether CD AutoRun and potentially unwanted services are disabled, ensuring that you've turned on the Windows Firewall, User Account Control, and more. And this could make the Web Application Configuration Analyzer worth installing by knowledgeable Windows users, even if they only have a basic stand-alone home PC. If you try out the program on anything other than a server, though, treat its recommendations with caution. Should the Web Application Configuration Analyzer complain that the Remote Registry service is running, for instance, take it seriously. It's probably unnecessary on most home PCs and you can make yourself a little safer by disabling it. But if the program demands that you disable the Print Spooler service, feel free to ignore it. That advice makes sense for servers, but a home PC it really doesn't: if you've a printer, then you'll get better performance with the Print Spooler active (and the security risk is very low). Running the Web Application Configuration Analyzer on a regular Windows 7 PC will generate both good recommendations and dubious ones, then. But as long as you take the time to analyse all the program's ideas, its reports will still help you to enhance the security of your PC.

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