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If a project you are working on requires a map to be created you may be stumped as to where to start. Sure, it’s possible to knock something together based on Google Maps, but what about if you need a blank map or want to display detail and information other than what can be provided by Google or other online mapping services? You could turn to using clipart, but this is often far from ideal. Ortelius may well be the app you have been looking for. Ortelius is a Mac based cartography application that can be used to create any type of map imaginable. The app includes a huge number of royalty-free vector maps – meaning they can be scaled up without any loss of quality. Off course, no map would be complete without a selection of symbols, and this is something Ortelius has in spades. There are a wide range of common mapping symbols available that can be used to highlight all sorts of landmarks and you always have the option of using customizable shape if you are unable to find something suitable. Where Ortelius starts to get really impressive is the way it neatly bridges the gap between basic mapping tools and image editing programs. If you want to add road, buildings or something else to your maps, a wide range of drawing tools are on hand to enable you to do just this. To make your creation understandable, the app makes it easy to add a scale so viewer will be able to make sense of what they are looking at. Depending on what your map is being created for, it is possible that you may have a large amount of information you would like to display. To avoid thing looking cluttered, the app allows for the use of layers that can be used to separate out different labels and information. Ortelius is capable of producing some truly beautiful results and is surprisingly easy to get started in, regardless of whether you have experience with mapping or image editing. You can found out more and download a free trial of the app that can be used to create watermarked maps by paying a visit to the Ortelius review page.

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