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Speed up the Windows boot process with this quick and easy idea

If your PC takes forever to boot then one common way to improve the situation is to disable unnecessary Windows services. That means less activity when your system starts, and so it should come to life a little more quickly.  Most people stop their service optimisations right there, but if you're running Windows Vista or 7 then there's another useful step you can take.  By choosing to delay the startup of various non-critical services, other components - like Explorer, and your desktop - will be able to load earlier.  There's less risk because you're not disabling anything, but delaying a number of services should ensure your PC becomes usable a little faster than it did before. To try this, first launch the Services applet (click Start, type services.msc, press [Enter]). Scroll down the list looking for services that you need, but aren't critical and are currently listed as "Started" in the Status column, with a Startup Type of "Automatic". If you've installed iTunes or have an iPod, for instance, you may see Apple Mobile Device, Bonjour and the iPod Service: useful enough, but not anything that needs to be loaded in the first few seconds of your PCs boot. On our test PC we also found the LicCtrl Service (copy protection for games), LightScribeService (disc labelling), Nero BackItUp Scheduler (backup) and various SQL Server (database) services, all of which were good candidates for delaying. You'll probably find other services that seem to be less than system-critical on your own PC - but can you be sure they're safe to delay? We'd recommend double-clicking on each and selecting the Dependencies tab. If there's anything listed in the "following system components depend on this service" box then cross this off the list: delaying it will affect other parts of your PC, potentially risky. We'd also never delay a service relating to a security function, like a firewall or antivirus tool - they need to be active immediately. If in any doubt, just leave it alone. And while we've never had any problems delaying a service, the possibility can't be ruled out. You should only be applying this kind of trick if you're a confident PC user, and would know exactly how to rescue the situation if things went horribly wrong (booting from the Last Known Good configuration, Safe Mode, Startup Repair and so on). Sounds like you? Then once you've done the preparations, everything else is easy. Just double-click a non-critical service like Apple Mobile Device, set Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start), and click OK. Repeat the process with your other selected services, then reboot. Your tweaked services will now grab less resources during the boot process, which means your desktop should appear, and be usable, more quickly than it did before.

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