вторник, 8 октября 2013 г.

Google Chrome 6 beta now available

One of the disadvantages of installing a beta version of just about anything is that it never performs quite as well as production release: that's just the way it is.  It seems no-one ever bothered explaining this rule to Google, though. The company claim the first release of the Chrome 6 beta is 15% faster on major benchmarks like SunSpider, and our tests agree - it's the speediest incarnation of the browser so far. The interface has seen small changes, too.  The navigation buttons are now more like icons, and all program options are accessed via a single menu, making Chrome simpler to use than ever. You could spend quite some time navigating your favourite sites, though, without noticing any further significant updates.  Which is understandable: it's a first beta, after all, and a 15% performance increase in some areas could justify installing the program, all on its own.  But actually there are other new interesting features to explore, although you will have to go looking for them. Form AutoFill, for instance, allows you to enter multiple addresses or credit card details.   When you're completing a web form later, Chrome will detect fields that match stored information, and automatically display all matching entries so you can choose the one you need.  Click Options > Personal Stuff > AutoFill Options to get started. And Sync allows you to log in with your Google account, and then sync your browser themes, preferences, bookmarks, extensions and AutoFill data with Google Chrome installations you might have on other PCs.  Well, almost all your AutoFill data - credit card numbers are kept local only for security reasons. Google Chrome 6 isn't about to change your web life, then, at least not yet.  But it's faster, more convenient to use, and seems very stable from our initial trials, so if you're at all interested in the browser then we'd definitely recommend giving this first beta a try.

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